21 Savage is a British-born rapper who became famous for his raw and honest lyrics about street life and the harsh realities he faced while growing up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is known for his signature monotone flow and dark, brooding beats that perfectly match the intensity of his rhymes. In this article, we have compiled 60 of the best 21 Savage quotes and lyrics perfect for social media.

21 Savage Quotes

Check out the best 21 savage quotes to inspire people who want to work towards their dreams, despite the difficulties they may encounter along the way.

  1. If your goals and my goals aren’t the same, we shouldn’t be on the same team. – 21 Savage
  2. I don’t want my legacy to be about money. I want it to be about me being a real dude who made it out of some crazy situations. – 21 Savage
  3. I don’t like to be boxed in. I don’t like to be labeled as just a rapper. – 21 Savage
  4. Whatever you’re doing, think fifty steps ahead. – 21 Savage
  5. The way you dress says a lot about you and your character. – 21 Savage
  6. The goal is creating generational wealth. – 21 Savage
  7. I stay focused on moving forward and not letting stuff put me in a hole or make me feel depressed. – 21 Savage
  8. If I’m not living up to my full potential, then I’m not doing right by the people who look up to me. – 21 Savage
  9. I’m trying to excel in everything I do and make sure it’s perfect. – 21 Savage
  10. You can’t put a limit on yourself. You’re only limited by what you tell yourself. – 21 Savage
  11. I didn’t have the privilege of having a silver spoon. – 21 Savage
  12. I want to make sure that I’m leading by example and that I’m showing people that it’s possible to make it out of the hood and to be successful. – 21 Savage
  13. You can’t get taught how to manage money by somebody that’s poor. – 21 Savage
  14. I want to be remembered as somebody who did something positive to help the next person. – 21 Savage
  15. You have to put the work in before you see the outcome. – 21 Savage

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21 Savage Lyrics for Captions

Known for his raw and unapologetic style, there’s no shortage of clever one-liners and catchy phrases in 21 Savage’s music. So get ready to upgrade your content with these toughest lyrics that will make your pictures pop and leave your followers impressed.

  • Hard to tell the real from fake ‘Cause nowadays, they got masks on. – All My Friends
  • All the money in the world, won’t stop no cry. – Monster
  • The streets raised me. – Bank Account
  • N*ggas tryna copy me, they playin’ catch up. Bank Account
  • Rags to riches, n*gga came from the bottom. – Famous 
  • Grind got harder, and my mind got smarter. Famous 
  • In my own lane, n*gga, watch where you steer. Close My Eyes
  • Kinda hard to change my ways ’cause the sh*t real. Famous 
  • When you workin’ hard then your money start expandin’. X ft Future
  • I grew up in the streets without no heart. – No Heart
  • I been through the storm and it turned me to a G. A lot
  • They was hatin’ on me then and they hatin’ now. Sneakin’ ft Drake
  • Keep the fame and keep the love. Just give me the loyalty. ​ball w/o you 
  • Yellow diamonds in the watch, this sh*t cost a lot. Rich Flex ft Drake
  • I done been through all the trials and tribulations, now I’m smilin’. Spiral
  • You can’t give me no amount of money for my soul. Spiral
  • Me and my hood got married. ​break da law
  • No more beef, we drop that sh*t.  ​break da law
  • I done did a lot in the streets and them facts. ​asmr
  • I disrespect you respectfully (Straight up) My life ft J. Cole
  • I ain’t wastin’ time that I’m never gettin’ back. More M’s ft Drake
  • My mama always told me, “Put yourself first”. Til Further Notice ft Travis Scott
  • Closest thing y’all gettin’ to a handshake is the beat clappin’.  Can’t leave without it ft Gunna
  • I know she around for the money, but act like she loyal, I don’t feel the love. Runnin’
  • I’m so rich, get bored, might wake up, buy me a car just ’cause (On God) Runnin’
  • If she a hustler, fine and honest, I’m bringin’ her ’round. Betrayed
  • I let down my guard, I showed her my heart. She couldn’t believe it was chrome. Betrayed

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21 Savage Instagram Captions

We have also curated the best 21 Savage Instagram captions just for you! Whether you’re capturing a fierce picture of yourself or wanting to express your mood through words, these captions will add that extra touch of 21 Savage’s swag to your Ig posts.

  • 1of1
  • Your wifey say I’m lookin’ like a whole snack.
  • I can’t help but not give a f*ck.
  • They say time heals. Sh*t, I ain’t got enough time.
  • Never stop hustling.
  • Superhero in my hood, I don’t need a cape.
  • You just gotta take risks.
  • Remember who y’all talking to
  • Negativity has to get on a jet to get near me
  • Make them regret it every time
  • Tryin’ not to let the streets distract me
  • Streets cold, n*gga, they ain’t showin’ no love
  • Young Savage, why you trappin’ so hard?
  • The internet ain’t gon’ help you, understand me
  • Savage Mode drop, now my price’ll go up
  • I don’t got no love for no rival.
  • Takin’ less L’s, makin’ more M’s
  • Used to deal with lames ’til she ran into a stepper (On God)
  • You healed my pain then you caused it.

Final Thoughts

21 Savage’s lyrics and quotes represent a unique perspective on the struggles and triumphs of life on the streets. From tales of hardship and sacrifice to messages of ambition and perseverance, his music resonates with young people worldwide who share his struggles and dreams. We hope this collection of quotes and lyrics has given you a deeper appreciation for 21 Savage and his remarkable journey as a rapper and artist. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply looking for an inspiring caption for your next Instagram post, 21 Savage’s words will always ring true.