DJ Khaled has blessed us with another masterpiece: “God Did.” It’s destined to be one of his biggest hits, so why not add some of its lyrics as your next Instagram caption?

God Did Lyrics for Instagram Captions

On the track “God Did It”  DJ Khaled enlists the help of some of hip-hop’s biggest names to reflect on the moments in their lives when they realized that God had their back. Rick Ross kicks things off with a smooth and confident verse. Lil Wayne reflects on his own checkered past and how despite all the obstacles he’s faced, he’s still here today. JAY-Z takes things to a higher level, speaking about how he used his platform to bring change to the world. And John Legend and Fridayy tie it all together with a beautiful chorus.

  1. While you hatin’ and being jealous. You could be over here embracing that love.
  2. They didn’t believe in us, But I know God did
  3. They wanted us down but look at us now.
  4. They counted us out. They didn’t think that we would make it.
  5. More love, more blessings, more life.
  6. Sky is the limit every day, I reach.
  7. You either win with us, or you watch us win.
  8. Dope boy, big calm, still the biggest boss.
  9. God did his thing when he made me.
  10. I pray more and said less; God did the rest.
  11. Lot of fallen soldiers on these roads of sin.
  12. All this pain from the outside inspired all this growth within.
  13. Forgive me, that’s my passion talking.
  14. Please, Lord forgive me for what the stove did.
  15. I put my hustle onto Forbes.
  16. Somehow, I’ll out-fox every box they’ll try to throw me in.
  17. You may not believe, but I know God did.
  18. I be speakin’ to the souls of men.
  19. Next time we have a discussion who the G.O.A.T., you donkeys know this.
  20. I know God did. He did it.

Final Thoughts

In the words of DJ Khaled, “another one.” These 20 God-did lyrics will have your Instagram followers thinking you’re as wise as the music mogul himself. So go ahead and flex your lyrical prowess by using any (or all!) of these verses as captions for your next post.

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