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55 Best Polo G Captions for Instagram

September 21, 2022
Polo G Captions for Instagram

There’s no doubt about it, Polo G is one of the hottest rappers out there right now. With hit songs like “Rapstar” and “Martin & Gina” Polo has been turning up the heat in the music industry. If you’re a fan of Polo G (or just badass lyrics in general) then you’ll love these Polo G captions for Instagram!

Polo G Instagram Captions

Whether you’re posting a picture of yourself vibing to one of Polo G’s tracks or just hanging with friends, these IG captions will help show off your style and personality. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below and get inspired!

  • The story goes on.
  • Love could have you in a trance you need to desperately wake up from.
  • The streets won’t get no more of me.
  • Bring out the best in me or be a distraction.
  • Diaries of a soldier.
  • Natural born hustler.
  • Don’t believe the hype.
  • I come from a dark place, I’ll never be there again.
  • These days loyalty be so fragile.
  • Life is so much better when you mind your business.
  • I’d rather you hate me while I’m here than love me when I’m dead.
  • Everything gon’ fall in place at the right time.
  • Everybody go through something, it’s all about persevering.
  • I ain’t stoppin’ ’til we chillin’ at the top.
  • Went through some tragedies, I made it out to make it right.
  • Told ’em I was gonna be somethin.
  • Flexin’ so hard I might pull a muscle.
  • We all special in some way. But me, my potential is unmatched.

Polo G Instagram Captions

  • Gave it to them raw and now I’m one of the realest.

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Polo G Lyrics Captions for Instagram

Polo G’s lyrics are introspective and thought-provoking, making them perfect for Instagram captions. Here are our favorites Polo G lyrics captions.

  • I’m the chosen one, seen my potential, so they fear me. – RAPSTAR
  • Lookin’ so deep into your eyes, I can read your thoughts. – RAPSTAR
  • Told my inner self, “I promise you I won’t change” – HEARTLESS
  • We come from poverty, man, we ain’t have a thing. – POP OUT
  • Don’t pay them haters no mind, you can be what you like. – FINER THINGS
  • Tryna leave this in the past, grindin’ for a new life. – FINER THINGS
  • Turned that pain into passion and made it happen. – FINER THINGS
  • Tryna work towards these blessings but the devil keep interfering. – THROUGH DA STORM
  • Speeding down the wrong path, found my lane, then I rerouted. – THROUGH DA STORM
  • Even on your worst days, girl, you still kind of cute. – MARTIN & GINA
  • We from the trenches, we moved onto the finer things. – MARTIN & GINA
  • Beauty and the beast, pretty girl with a g*ngster. MARTIN & GINA
  • Love the way you smell, I’m addicted to your fragrance. MARTIN & GINA
  • Bond tight with my day ones, ain’t tryna find no recruits. – 21
  • I been on my grind every day, don’t believe in takin’ breaks. – 21
  • Nonbelievers listened to your dreams and they clowned you. – NO MATTER WHAT
  • Feel like I don’t deserve you no more, but I want you to be with me. – BEAUTIFUL PAIN
  • Broken hearts can make a grown man cry. – BEAUTIFUL PAIN
  • Can’t be ungrateful ’bout this life, you know we fought to see it. – BARELY HOLDIN’ ON
  • They keep on tryna tear me, but I’m strong. – BARELY HOLDIN’ ON
  • Every problem don’t need a reaction. – YOUNG N DUMB
  • Wish we could go back to them days when we played as kids. – WISHING FOR A HERO
  • Needed money and grew accustomed to this fast life. – WISHING FOR A HERO
  • Bonnie and Clyde, baby, let’s go on the run. – SO REAL
  • Tryna choose your thoughts over your feelings, that’s the hardest fight. – PAINTING PICTURES

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Polo G Quotes for Instagram

If you’re looking for some fresh and inspiring quotes from rapper Polo G, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our favorite quotes from him that make perfect Instagram Captions.

  • The higher up you go the more they feel like you owe them something. – Polo G
  • I would feel like I’m selling my soul if I let dis fame sh*t take me out my character. – Polo G
  • Whatever’s meant to be is gon’ figure itself out. – Polo G
  • In order to break through barriers, you gotta be okay with being tired. – Polo G
  • One of the most important things is to evolve from what you used to be. – Polo G
  • One of the most important things is to evolve from what you used to be. – Polo G
  • Tellin’ the truth is crazy in a world full of lies. – Polo G
  • When it’s genuine, you don’t gotta try that hard. – Polo G
  • Involving yourself with the wrong people can stunt your growth. – Polo G
  • Can’t allow yourself to be mad over something that’s not in your control. – Polo G
  • We share a space, we build a bond. Love is inevitable. – Polo G
  • Don’t be having me out here thinking you mine. When in real life, you somebody else’s. – Polo G
  • In order to keep a one-track mind on your goals, you gotta block out opinions. Just do you. – Polo G
  • Good music you don’t gotta know the words, the words know you. – Polo G

Polo G Quotes for Instagram

  • You gotta embrace every moment that comes with life—the wins and the losses. – Polo G

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a fan of Polo G or not, it can be agreed upon that the man has some serious rap skills. And his lyrics are clever and engaging enough to make for great Instagram captions. We hope you found this list helpful and will consider using one (or more!) of these captions next time you post a photo on Instagram. Who knows, maybe by using one of Polo G’s witty captions, you might even convince your followers to check out his music!

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