Are you ready to be inspired by the best quotes and lyrics captions from one of today’s hottest female rappers, Ice Spice? Ice Spice whose legal name is Isis Naija Gaston has been blazing her own trail with her on-the-rise music career since she burst onto the hip-hop scene in 2021. From hard-hitting bars to thought-provoking lines, Ice Spice not only showcases true lyrical capabilities but also offers up an empowering attitude that resonates with many. Here are some of our favorite insights from this talented female artist! Let these 50 quotes and lyrics captions get you inspired!

Best Ice Spice Quotes

Without further ado – let’s jump right into Ice Spice’s most inspiring pieces of work!

  • I always felt like I could do anything I tried to do, but especially now, it feels like anything is possible. — Ice Spice
  • People only love you when nobody else does, really. But then, once other people start to love you, people have to hate to balance it out. — Ice Spice
  • I try not to feed into negativity because I also see that when people are trying to make that point, it’s not out of a good place. — Ice Spice
  • I don’t pay too much attention to the noise. I try to focus on the positive. I stay away from the comments section as much as possible. — Ice Spice
  • A lot of people try to categorize me, but I just like to create things. — Ice Spice
  • It’s important to remember where everything started. — Ice Spice
  • I want to make girls feel confident. — Ice Spice
  • We just have this goddess energy about us. — Ice Spice
  • I’m most proud of staying grounded so far, because I’ve already been through so many things that I know a lot of people would’ve lost their f*cking minds. — Ice Spice
  • The world will really try to eat you up and spit you back out, so I just try to stay peaceful, grounded, positive, gorgeous, and safe. — Ice Spice
  • I got to know who I am because everybody else gon’ try to tell me who I am. So I got to know first. — Ice Spice
  • I don’t think anybody is ever fully prepared for fame. — Ice Spice
  • I do want to be a mainstream artist. I want diamond records and plaques and Grammys. So I think in order to get that, you do have to surpass just one subgenre. — Ice Spice

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Ice Spice Lyrics for Captions

Are you looking for an extra edge to up your Instagram game? Well, look no further because we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Whether you’re a diehard fan of Ice Spice, or someone who’s just discovering her music, why not use her lyrics as baddie captions on your posts? Not only do Ice Spice’s best lines give off some serious attitude; but they also make sure that your Insta followers are in awe of your hinting skills. So take a look at our list and let us show you how to spice things up with some sassy words straight from Ice Spice!

  • You thought I was feelin’ you? — Munch (Feelin’ U) 
  • If you ain’t a baddie can’t sit with mе. Munch (Feelin’ U) 
  • She a baddie with her baddie friend. — ​In Ha Mood
  • They shoulda named me pressure. No Clarity
  • If you ain’t cookin’, then get off the pot. Deli
  • Climbin’ up the ranks on your own could get rocky But I keep it pushin’ knowin’ that they’ll never stop me. How High?
  • Karma is a beauty winning that pageant. Karma feat Taylor Swift
  • Wanna be me, so she do my emotes. Princess Diana
  • I get money, I stay in some fly sh*t. Butterfly Ku
  • One of a dangerous kind. Gangsta Boo feat Lil Tjay
  • A baddie gon’ get what she like. Gangsta Boo feat Lil Tjay
  • Sayin’ they love me but wantin’ my place. ​In Ha Mood
  • She lit, get money too. ​In Ha Mood
  • Trendin’ topic, like you cannot blame me. On the Radar
  • He keep textin’, I leave him on seen. Princess Diana
  • I know they mad that I glew up. Be a Lady
  • She a baddie, she know she a 10. ​In Ha Mood

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Ice Spice Instagram Captions

Check out the best Ice Spice captions for Instagram

  • I’m a baddie, I get what I want
  • She a baddie with her baddie friend (for pictures with your bff)
  • Lookin’ the baddest
  • U know ima get to the bag
  • Doin’ my thing
  • Baddest lil bih from my block
  • Girl of his dreams
  • Thick cus I be eatin’ oats!
  • oh she mad cus I’m takin ha spot⁉️
  • I’m a 10, so I pull in a ken.
  • She in ha mood 💋
  • Cake day & i got a lot
  • The body gon eat bon appétit!
  • How can I lose if I’m already chosen 🏆
  •  I see the bread, I want all of it
  • Pretty paid & unbothered 😈
  • Money swollen like cyst
  • Don’t want your love just want the blue 💙
  • Made em forfeit
  • I got ’em obsessed
  • I can hear you hatin’ from the back
  • Stackin’ money where the ceilin’ be
  • If you makin’ your plate, then I already ate.

Final Thoughts

While some may think a caption or quote can make or break a post, there is no denying that it sure can definitely spice things up! Ice Spice Quotes and Lyrics are just what we need to elevate our posts and help us stand out from the crowd. Whether you like to keep things classic, spunky or mysterious, these Best Ice Spice Quotes and Lyrics will do the trick. Let these quotes and lyrics help you to feel empowered and put your best foot forward.